Easy Sewing Room Hacks

Having an organized and accessible sewing space is key to successful sewing but getting your space that way might seem expensive and daunting! It doesn’t have to be, we promise. We’ve put together this list of Cheap and Easy Sewing Room Hacks so you can be on a path of peaceful sewing!

1. Never lose your scissors again. This bamboo magnetic knife holder is perfect for mounting between your machine and cutting table for easy access


2. Keep your inspiration in sight. Hang decorative clipboards on the wall in your sewing space. Here you can clip up patterns you want to make, blocks you want to remember, fabric that inspires you and magazines you want to read.

3. Say good-bye to cutting table clutter! Clear your space and keep your pattern in sight with a cookbook stand to prop up your pattern, book or tablet while you’re cutting fabric!

4. Give your cutting table a boost with furniture risers so you can cut your fabric without strain on your body!

5. Work Smarter Not Harder. The ‘work triangle’ is a well-known trick in the kitchen industry, but it works wonders in the sewing room, too. Position your sewing machine, ironing board and cutting station in a triangle so you can create more efficiently!

6. Get your favorite fat quarters eye level for constant inspiration, and off the floor to save valuable sewing room real estate. With Mini Bolts and these wall-mounted DVD holders, you’ll be on your way to easy fabric pulling!


What are your genius sewing room hacks?! We would love to hear about them. Let us know on Instagram: @minibolts_


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