Fall Back in Love with Sewing

Fall Back in Love with Sewing

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Have you lost your Sew-Jo? Is your Muse hiding in a dark corner of your sewing room? Don't throw in the towel...or Fat Quarter! I've been there. I took a 1-year hiatus from sewing, gleefully blaming it on becoming a mother. However, when I really think about it, I didn't want to enter my sewing room. The clutter and mess was too much for my tired brain to digest, let alone try to focus on a pattern!

I've got news, though! I figured out the secret sauce, and I haven't stopped stitching since. Are you ready?

Organize. your. space. 

When I finally decided enough was enough, the clouds parted and the angels sang! I found The Cubby by Create Room! The Cubby is a modular organizational and storage solution, absolutely perfect for quilters. It's as if Cupid struck the creators of the Cubby and matched them with Mini Bolts Fabric Organizers! The PERFECT pair. 

The Cubby by Create Room


The Cubby includes Create Room's signature DiviDrawers system, and I was delighted to find that I could fit up to 35 Fat Quarter Mini Bolts in each of the square Drawers! 


Mini Bolts + The Cubby

I've managed to fit every fat quarter in my sewing room in the Cubby, plus my  crochet supplies, notions, vintage treasures, WIP blocks, Patterns, Paper Pieces, and Templates! 

Organization for Quilters


The Cubby has a small foot print, and packs serious storage. You can even STACK two units for additional storage. 

If you're ready too fall back in love with your space and get sewing, check out the Cubby and get organized! The key to falling back in love with sewing is in your hands! 

Fall Back in Love with Sewing
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